"Your active participation in the BDNA leadership, even though highly excessive (out of necessity), has been essential to reestablish BDNA’s successful turnaround." Constantin Delivanis Founder & CEO, BDNA

"I have always felt that I could depend on Ossama’s support and that he was available to me whenever I needed him. Through these shared experiences we have built a great business together and we have also become personal friends. “ Alex van Someren CEO, nCipher

"Over the past few years, Dr. O has been my sounding board for all things business and all things personal. First of all, Dr. O has an incredible network - and he is very generous with it too, always happy to share his connections and make introductions. Whenever I needed advice on company strategy, funding, product-market fit, hiring, culture, work-life balance or just some dose of "You Go Get It Girl", Dr. O was and is my go to person.” Rana El kaliouby CEO, Affectiva