After years of working in the automotive and semiconductor industries, a motorcycle accident inspired Marcus Weller to found SKULLY in 2013. SKULLY’s technology is based on the belief that technology should eliminate distractions, should remove blind spots and provide direction when wanted, and help focus attention back where it belongs – on the road ahead. SKULLY Helmets are the world’s first smart motorcycle helmet. It has a heads up display, ultra wide angle rear view camera, GPS navigation, high-speed microprocessor, DOT/ECE Certified safety, fog & scratch & glare resistant visor, quick release chin strap & visor, Bluetooth connection, Internet via phone, air-sync software updates, intelligent audio, hands-free calling, streaming music, and comes in different sizes, shapes and colors.


Marcus Weller

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Mitchell Weller

VP Business Operations



A Helmet Full of Dreams

After a motorcycle crash in Spain, Marcus Weller had a vision of a safer ride, and the Skully AR-1 was born.

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Smart helmet gives you eyes in the back of your head

It is leveraging the way our brains and our visual systems naturally work to put that information back into the field of view.

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A Brother Calls, and a Start-Up Is Born

When Marcus Weller asked his brother, Mitchell, to help with his start-up, Skully Systems, he didn’t expect that it would also bring his family closer together.

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Congratulations to Marcus Weller of Skully for making LinkedIn’s Top Professionals 35 & Under list.

They’re smart, talented, ambitious – and you have to know them now. LinkedIn has identified Marcus as one of 10 stars changing the way the automotive industry works.

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Nobody wants your wearable

Marcus Weller, CEO at Skully, discussed with Dylan Tweney of VenturBeat the key to integrating wearable technology into consumers’ lives at Wearable World Congress.

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Smart Motorcycle Helmet Maker Skully Lands $11 Million In Series A To Start Manufacturing The AR-1

Not long after closing on one of the most successful campaigns in the history of Indiegogo and landing another $1.5 million in seed capital, SKULLY, the motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display, has raised $11 million in Series A funding.

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Smart Helmet Maker Skully Has Raised Another $1.5 Million

Last summer, Skully, the motorcycle helmet with a heads-up display, became the fourth-most popular Indiegogo campaign in history. According to an SEC filing, it’s raised another $1.5 million.

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