Silicon Valley and Korean Leaders to Launch a Sustainable and Innovation Business Forum to Connect the World’s Most Dynamic Regions

SILICON VALLEY AND SEOUL, September 8, 2020.

Silicon Valley leaders will launch a business forum to team up with Korean entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and innovators to jointly address the challenges and opportunities in a post-COVID global environment. The Silicon Valley Business Forum (SVBF) will take place from September 16-19th, 2020. The 3-day virtual event, kicked off with key note presentations by Silicon Valley leaders - such as Mr. Nicholas Flanders, featured in New York Times “Climate Visionaries” - will highlight successful and sustainable solutions to business and society, strategies for accessing Smart Technologies, and benefits of e-Mobility.

“By building bridging between Korea and Silicon Valley, I hope that innovations and positive human impact will significantly accelerate in the next ten years,” according to Dr. Ossama Hassanein, Chairman of SVBF Advisory Board.

This private, invitation-only event will facilitate the conversations, the collaborations and the ongoing learnings that will not only be impactful but provide the impetus for how organizations can create resilient, scalable, and sustainable solutions. The agenda highlights companies poised for exponential growth, and leaders whose unwavering focus is on fundamental technological breakthroughs. Some of the confirmed speakers include:

- Dr. Kevin Kennedy, Chairman & CEO, Quanergy: is offering high-performance AI-powered LiDAR platforms designed to accelerate the automation of key business processes.

- Mr. Nicholas Flanders, Co-Founder and CEO, Opus 12: is converting waste CO2 emissions into value-added chemicals and fuels, which could offset 10% of global energy-related CO2 emissions (featured in New York Times “Climate Visionaries” and in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Energy).

- Dr. James Taylor, CEO, Precision Nanosystems: is creating transformative medicines and solutions for developing RNA, DNA, CRISPR, small molecule drugs, COVID vaccines and therapeutics.

- Mr. Hee Suk Jung, Investment Head Silicon Valley , SK Gas: is a global top-tier eco energy total solution provider and is creating value for sustainable growth.

- Dr. Hyun Sang Shin, Professor, Hanyang University: is the editor of Stanford Social Innovation Review Korea, and Director of Hanyang Impact Business Research Center.

- Dr. Rene Morkos, Founder & CEO, Alice Technologies: works with some of the largest

construction companies in the world to help them build faster and more efficiently.

- Dr. Vincent Pluvinage, Co-Founder & CEO, OneD Material: furnishes state of the art in electrical vehicles and the latest innovations in batteries.

- Dr. Maha Achour, Founder & CEO, Metawave: delivers connectivity and mobility technology platforms to power smart applications today and tomorrow.

Among the topics of the forum, it will include the following: why despite Korea’s growing global brand as a technology and innovation hub, the full potential of its start-up and social innovation ecosystems have yet to be unleashed?

“Our focus in technology, human and social impact, and connecting the ecosystems in Silicon Valley and Asia will differentiate SVBF from other forums,” remarked Moon Kook-Hyun, Chairman of the New Paradigm Institute in Seoul.

The IEVE/Silicon Valley Business Forum is being held in concert with the 7th annual International Electric Vehicle Expo (IEVE), which will be held in Jeju Island (Korea) on December 9-11th, 2020. IEVE was Instituted by Korea’s Ministry of Industry & Commerce and the Ministry of Environment. Today, it has grown to an international event attracting 70,000 visitors, including academic researchers and over 150 leading companies from 40 countries.

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