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        View Newsletter in PDF   Dear Esteemed Partners and Friends: We are grateful and proud of how our companies are supporting their customers, partners, and communities. We continue to fund startups with measurable positive human impact in promising, innovative verticals that provide businesses with the technologies they need to successfully navigate […]


Dear Esteemed Partners and Friends: Following on to a great year for our portfolio companies, the first quarter of 2022 was as exciting, and progressive as one would hope. The overwhelming majority continue to be on a fast track, having raised $2.6B+ in follow-on financing to accelerate growth and international expansion. Additionally, our companies raised […]


Solves the challenges of cross-border e-commerce that hold merchants back from reaching their full potential internationally. By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide The cost of doing business internationally can prevent many retailers from entering the global market in a meaningful way. But imagine having the ability to reach into every market worldwide, without weathering the […]


By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide On track to become the leading supplier of chip-level IoT security software and cloud data integrity solutions As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more mainstream, every device—sensors, actuators, embedded microcontrollers, or smart appliances—needs to be protected from hacking, data breaches, and other security vulnerabilities. In particular, security is […]


*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Dear Esteemed Partners and Friends: It has been a wonderful year – as innovative, exciting, and progressive as one would hope. Brilliant entrepreneurs we seed-financed in the last five years are leading 70+ companies in promising, innovative verticals including Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, Digital Communication, Personalized Medicine, and Sustainability. The overwhelming majority are […]


By Brent MacDonald Understanding blockchain starts with understanding bitcoin, or at least what it is trying to be. Bitcoin as a token, is a digitally-native, non-government issued currency. On the other hand, Bitcoin as a blockchain network is a proposed evolution of money; it is an evolution of the system humans have adopted as a […]