Our Investment in a payment platform that empowers brands to succeed in local and global markets!

Solves the challenges of cross-border e-commerce that hold merchants back from reaching their full potential internationally.

By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide

The cost of doing business internationally can prevent many retailers from entering the global market in a meaningful way. But imagine having the ability to reach into every market worldwide, without weathering the logistical and financial burden required to make this a reality?

Reach empowers businesses to succeed in global markets and provides them with a safe and secure way to do international business online. Its platform gives international shoppers a frictionless, local experience. Its Application Programming Interface (API) opens-up relevant local pricing and payment methods. Being truly local means Reach can eliminate cross-border fees for merchants and shoppers while boosting authorization rates. Its ‘in-country’ solution leverages 20+ local acquirers[1], 80+ payment methods, and 135 currencies to deliver the local experience consumers expect. Reach also has relationships with banks worldwide to enable local credit card processing, offers consumers alternative payment methods, and provides best-in-class fraud detection and prevention services.

Today, Reach supports 135 currencies in 170+ countries, resulting in $100+ million in fees saved and a 15% increase in cross-border transaction success rates.


Why We Are Excited:

Reach allows clients to process payments in their shopper’s location and turns global shoppers into local shoppers. By localizing the transaction, merchants can avoid cross-border processing fees, face lower chargebacks, and have lower currency risk. As the Merchant of Record, Reach assumes one-hundred percent liability for transactions and provides contact information and customer support in the event of a dispute. Shoppers also get the benefit of being able to see local prices on the website and pay in a variety of methods.


At a time when e-commerce has become increasingly popular from both a B2C and B2B perspective, localized payments processing provides huge rewards for small and medium businesses looking to compete with the big players in the industry. We agree!

[1] An acquirer is a bank that processes credit and debit card payments on behalf of a business. It sends purchase authorization requests via card networks (like Visa and Mastercard) to the customer's bank.