Giving Users a Safer, Faster, and Better Browsing Experience. Our Investment in Brave Software

3x faster than Chrome. Better protection from Google and Big Tech

By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide

A sea of advertisements, hackers, and echo chambers is the Internet. Big Tech informs us what is true and what is not true while making enormous profits off of user data. Brave is fighting back! Individuals’ online privacy is Brave's top priority. Its browser and search engine are among a number of online privacy technologies developed by the Company to protect users from advertisements, trackers, and other lewd things that try to follow users around the web. For a quicker, more private web, 57 Million users have already switched to using Brave. Every day, tens of thousands more sign up and the switchover takes 60 seconds, click here. Brave is much more than just a browser; it is a fresh perspective on how the Internet functions. A group of online pioneers who prioritize privacy and performance, led by the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, created the open-source browser Brave. Brian Bondy, the CTO of Brave, worked on Firefox and Kahn Academy. Brave gained a foothold in the browser market by default removing advertisements and tracking technology from webpages and replacing them with its own privacy-first ad system.

"The number of inquiries served by Brave Search each day has increased by 75% since last year to over 21 Million."

Unparalleled Expansion

With 2.5 Billion searches performed in the previous year, Brave Search ( has grown faster than any other search engine since Bing. In contrast, it took Google more than a year and DuckDuckGo more than four years to reach 2.5 billion searches.

“The Summarizer,” the newest AI-powered Brave Search product, was just launched by the Company."

Additionally, Brave Search advertisements are now available, with access to its 8 Billion annualized queries and 23 Million daily queries. Additionally, more than 7.5 Billion ad confirmation events have supported Brave Ads campaigns in approximately 200 countries. Since the company's founding, more than 900 advertisers have run more than 6,600 campaigns, including well-known companies such as Ford, PayPal, Toyota, Mastercard, Intel, Crocs, BMW, Keurig, American Express, Budweiser, Walmart, Amazon, and The Home Depot as well as cryptocurrency players. The average click-through rate for a Brave Ads campaign is 8%, significantly higher than the industry average of just 2%, with many brands reporting even higher engagement. (source: Brave).

With its blockchain-based digital advertising network and fast, privacy-focused browser, Brave, Rising Tide is proud to have been an early investor. The firm made its first investment in Brave in September 2016.

At long last, a company that is dedicated to improving Internet browsing for consumers and increasing support for content producers.