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Andrew Butt, the Co-founder & CEO of Enable, a modern, cloud-based B2B software solution for rebate management joins Enterprise Radio.

Podcast: Enable is Powering the Deal Economy. Link here.
Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Andrew Butt discuss the following:
  • Can you tell us about Enable and how its filling a pain point?
  • What is the deal economy exactly?
  • What role does Enable play in the current marketplace and why is it so important?
  • Can you tell us about your funding journey as it could be inspiring to some of our listeners looking to raise capital?
What is one important tip you would give to an early-stage startup founder?
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Ananda Uses ALICE Technologies to Slash High-Rise Construction Costs by 32%.
Ananda Development wanted to improve efficiency and profitability of Elio Del Nest, a large residential high-rise project it was planning to develop in Bangkok. Using ALICE and the power of its computational AI, Ananda experimented with several variables as it hunted for the most efficient way in which to build Elio Del Nest. It tested what might happen if it ran varying numbers of crews -- and if its crews worked overtime. Ananda was able to decrease the duration of its project by 208 days. In doing so, it would decrease costs by 32%. Based on the analysis it ran with ALICE, Ananda moved ahead to develop the project according to a schedule that made healthy use of overtime. Condo units are selling briskly with the development of nearby projects such as The Bangkok Mall. Learn more here.
Contractor Uses ALICE Technologies to Create 10.2% Faster Schedule for Airport Expansion Project.
A large Japanese contractor was working to expand a major airport in Asia and came to ALICE looking to boost efficiency and profitability. The roof for the airport extension was attractive, but also complex. Using ALICE, the contractor developed a new schedule that was 10.2% faster than the original, a change that would yield tens of millions of dollars in cost savings. This new schedule also required less crane time, delivering additional savings for the project. Learn more here.
ALICE Technologies Releases ‘Manage’, the AI-Powered Construction Management Product Improving Efficiency.
ALICE ‘Manage’ enables large general contractors and construction owners to easily track work and equipment, explore mitigation strategies to efficiently deal with change orders, and implement new or unforeseen schedules during a project. Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company (HDCC) is currently using Manage to develop Koula tower, a 41-story mixed-use tower in Honolulu, Hawaii. James Abeshima, project director at HDCC, said “ALICE was instrumental during pre-construction for Kolua tower, helping us identify the most efficient schedule for the project. With ALICE, we have the confidence that we can tune our schedule on the fly and manage the unexpected without jeopardizing our schedule and cost targets.” Learn more here.
Quanergy’s LiDAR Sensor Reduces Traffic Congestion and Addresses Smart City Planning.
City officials in Adelaide see increasing traffic issues arising throughout the city as the population continue to grow. After realizing that the addition of lanes and constructing more roads, tunnels and bridges would not resolve the problem, officials concluded that they would need a new, smart solution that could address a complex range of factors. Adelaide officials chose Quanergy’s technology, in partnership with Cisco Australia, to deploy a system using six Quanergy M8 lidar sensors and the QORTEX DTC (Detection, Tracking and Classification) solution to gather a range of information about traffic approaching an intersection in Adelaide. The QORTEX DTC solution was able to identify the location and speed of vehicles as well as provide location and movement data about pedestrians. With this information, the traffic system can infer when to change traffic light intervals to positively influence vehicle and pedestrian queue length. Learn more here.
Quanergy’s LiDAR Solutions Reduces Work Related Accidents by 90% and Labor Costs by 25%.
The challenges that Shandong Port Group’s bulk terminal was facing were extensive but unfortunately are experienced by most of the bulk port terminals around the world. It’s impossible to clearly observe the shape of the stockpile, which is needed for most automation operations. Without being able to determine the coordinates of a specific point in the stockpile, grab buckets could not be moved to the desired location and define an accurate safe operation zone. Full automation of the Shandong Port using Quanergy’s M-Series 3D LiDAR sensor enabled unprecedented cost and loss reductions. With a clearly-defined safe operation zone, the Shandong Port Group were able to eliminate more than 90% of work-related accidents, which has lowered the risk of losses through employee compensation, turnover, and productivity loss. Labor costs have been cut by 25% and productivity has increased by 20% compared to manual operation. Through these improvements, the Quanergy LiDAR system paid for itself in less than three months of operation and continues to facilitate increased profits for this high-volume bulk terminal. Learn more here.
Quanergy Installs an Intrusion Detection System Providing 100% Site Coverage.
A large pharmaceutical company was looking for a new Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) system at one of their new flagship storage facilities. After an onsite consultation and survey, the company determined that Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR and QORTEX DTC perimeter solution was the best technology fit for their site. Quanergy’s centimeter-level accuracy and resilience to the operating environment met all the qualifications the company was looking for in reducing false alarms and successfully operating in this existing environment, with high traffic and volatile weather conditions. Security automation was achieved by using Quanergy’s QORTEX  solution and the technology was able to detect real-time intruder information without any sort of human intervention. This gave security personnel, both on-site and off-premises, the ability to quickly identify the intruder’s real-time location within the facility. Learn more here.

Unnatural Products: Aims to Unlock Drug Discovery With Machine Learning. Learn more here.

Precision Nanosystems: New Facility Will Produce 240 Million Vaccine Doses Annually. Learn more here.

Bioelectronica: Next-Generation Digital Tools for Drug Discovery, and Single Cell Sorting. Learn more here.

GRO Biosciences: Leveraging Breakthrough Technologies from Computational Protein Design and Synthetic Biology to Develop Best-in-Class Protein Therapeutics. Learn more here.


Armory Raises $40 Million to Drive Software Delivery SaaS Platform for Enterprises Adopting Cloud. Learn more here.

Ayar Labs Secures $35 Million in Series B Funding and Adds New Strategic and Global Investors as Interest in Optical I/O Grows. Learn more here.

Proxima Ventures and Co-win Ventures invest in Bioelectronica Corporation to Accelerate Pharmaceutical Discovery and Development. Learn more here.

Solarea Bio Announces Series A Financing Led by S2G Ventures and Bold Capital Partners. Learn more here.

  • Brave Passes 25 Million Monthly Active Users. Other Key Milestones Include 8 Million Daily Active Users and 1 Million Verified Creators. Link here
  • Activ Surgical Joins Microsoft for Startups Program. The Digital Surgery Innovator Becomes Newest Member of Technology Leader’s Incubator Program Aimed at Helping Scale B2B startups. Link here
  • NBA Top Shot Takes Sports Collecting to the Next Level — Only on Dapper Labs Flow. Link here
  • Future of Healthcare: How Exo Imaging is Relentlessly Moving the Needle for Imaging. Link here
  • Armory available on VMware Marketplace. Link here
  • Evonetix and Analog Devices Collaborate on Third-Generation DNA Synthesis Platforms. Link here

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