The Power of AI to Optimize Portfolio Profitability for Financial Institutions

By Brent MacDonald – Principal @ Rising Tide VC is an “Analytics-as-a-Service” platform that can deliver high-confidence predictive notifications to financial institutions to service, price and obtain consumer loans, and to adapt to market conditions with no technical barrier. Its cloud-based infrastructure generates predictive insights about consumer portfolios which continuously improves over time. The Company’s technology has broad applicability across lending products, including mortgages, credit cards, Point of Sale (POS) lending, automotive and student loans. The platform for example provides data on maximizing retention and cross-sell across mortgage balances, client contact recommendations for early renewal period, recommendations to prevent midterm attrition, and turn loan-to-value into life-time value.

Mortgage retention rates in the U.S. average less than 20 percent, according to a Black Knight report. By embedding’s technology into a financial institutions’ marketing and sales workflows and broadly applying it across lending products, clients can get that average up to 80 percent retention.

The broader thematic at play in the banking world is (a) encroachment of fintechs on their traditional turf, and (b) the very real threat of encroachment from major tech players (e.g. Amazon, Apple) into the banking world. The end result of this has been a steady decrease in banking margins, as they are squeezed on two sides – fintech banking startups and traditional tech companies. can develop a much more complete view of the customer, and customer behavior, than banks can.

Beyond this, there is another unique value that can bring to major banks which is not even a major business arm for them yet (but will be in the future). Many banks are active secondary buyers (or sellers) of loans, and more specifically of loan pools. is able to help them analyze loan pools much more effectively, which could enable banks to make significant returns on finding and buying undervalued pools of loan assets.’s Series Seed II was led by Mendoza Ventures and includes participation from Breakaway Growth (Silicon Valley), Luge Capital (Toronto), Rising Tide (Silicon Valley) and Inovia (Toronto).

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