Our Investment To Facilitate Continuous Software Deployment at any Scale, and for all Developers

By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide

The platform automates software delivery, enabling software teams to ship better software, faster

Software today is your competitive advantage in the world. By utilizing this advantage, companies may shorten the time to market, maintain stability, prevent outages, and always be dependable and accessible for clients. San Francisco-based Armory believes the key to obtaining a competitive edge is software deployment that is safe and continuous at any scale. Additionally, it ought to be simple to comprehend, doable, and straightforward for all developers worldwide. Armory makes this vision a reality by empowering development teams to continually, easily, consistently, safely, and securely deploy their software with confidence.

Armory provides a commercial open-source version of “Spinnaker”, a continuous development platform originally developed at Netflix and Google and released by them to the open-source community. Armory saw a need among Enterprises that did not have Spinnaker expertise in-house to offer an Enterprise version. Armory's platform automates software delivery, enabling development teams to ship better software, faster. Companies use Armory's platform to migrate workloads from virtual machines to containers without disrupting deployment workflows. The Company optimizes every part of the software development lifecycle, enabling sophisticated multi-cloud deployment strategies that leverage advanced features and actionable insights into software delivery bottlenecks. The resulting code is released to users faster, allowing the business to innovate faster. Every step of the software development lifecycle is optimized by Armory, which also enables sophisticated multi-cloud deployment strategies that take advantage of cutting-edge features like automated canaries, 1-click rollbacks, 1-click app creation, automated load-testing, red/black deployments, chaos engineering, certified deployment pipelines, SLA-driven rollouts-rollbacks, chatops, and actionable insights into software delivery bottlenecks. As a result, Enterprises deliver software more frequently and engineers can work more productively. Users receive code more quickly, which enables companies to innovate more quickly.

12K+ Developers (Users), 20K+ Apps, 7T+ Deployments

Armory powers software delivery for some of the world’s most progressive Fortune 500 companies, like JPMorgan Chase and Autodesk, accelerating their growth over the coming decades. Today, the Company’s service offering is trusted by thousands of developers from large-scale enterprises to hyper-growth startups. Armory enables each of its customers to increase their velocity, stability, and quality, while effortlessly achieving continuous deployment at any scale. Armory raised a $40 Million Series C bringing total funding to date to over $82 Million. Rising Tide is pleased to have been an early investor in this new type of software delivery platform, having made its first initial investment in Armory in March 2017.

This investment supports Armory's strategy of empowering businesses, including Global 2000 clients with a combined market value of over $2.5 Trillion, to achieve genuine digital transformation. It also emphasizes the significance of successful software delivery. We expect the Company to meet rising competition in the space with a renewed focus on customer success and care. Claiming new territory while also maintaining current accounts will require such focus. Over the next ten years, progressive businesses that can speedily develop, launch, and iterate on feature-rich user experiences will succeed in the marketplace.

Finally, A Company Dedicated to the Critical Needs of the Developer Community!

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