Our Investment To Facilitate Website Owners’ Easy Connection with Their Customers – Fly.io, Secures $25 Million

By Brent MacDonald – Principal at Rising Tide

Fly.io has created a public cloud where developers can run applications and databases from all around the world as cloud architecture continues to move closer to the edge and customers desire instant application results. The platform makes use of a worldwide network of servers to accept visitor traffic, process requests using middleware, and then route those requests to backend applications. This puts website owners closer to the user and boosts both the front-end and user performance. This enables developers to work with anyone, whenever, and wherever they are while effectively saving the developer team's time and money—something essential in our always-digital era.

App Servers Close to Users

Users demand Internet apps be speedy and easy to use as they become increasingly real-time. Programs must be multi-regional in order to run as close to users as possible. In the past, multi-region cloud computing has been challenging, expensive, and had poor developer experiences. Fly.io concentrates on this, which is why its popularity has increased quickly. Several hundred thousand apps are presently running on Fly.io, and small teams of developers utilize the Company's platform to manage full-stack projects in databases. In order to provide client apps to customers internationally with the highest availability, the lowest latency, and the best developer UX, the Company executes client code in Firecracker microVMs all over the world.

All of the Fly.io founding team members have extensive backgrounds in infrastructure and are seasoned entrepreneurs. CEO Kurt Mackey developed Compose, which was acquired by IBM, and helped establish Ars Technica before that. Since he began working in the web development industry at the age of 13, CTO Jerome Gravel-Niquet has been working in the web development field since the age of 13 years old and his main specialty is web application design (interface and architecture). Currently, the Company employs about 35 people.

Fly.io recently secured $25 Million in Series B funding to help the business grow, increase its attempts to recruit engineers and developers from open-source communities, and broaden its geographic reach. The most recent Series B fundraising round follows a string of significant successes, including an eight-fold increase in growth over the previous year, the acquisition of Litestream.io, and the hire of Elixir Phoenix's developer. Total funding raised to date exceeds $35 Million. Rising Tide is pleased to have been an early investor in this new type of public application delivery cloud company, having made its first initial investment in Fly.io in February 2017.

In the protracted process of bringing apps closer to the user while preserving native-like speed and performing intricate, dynamic computing, Fly.io, which was founded in 2017, is a critical step. The Company’s Application Delivery Network (ADN) is made to make it simpler for website owners to communicate with their customers and host application servers quickly, securely, and close to the user. We wholeheartedly support this mission.


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