Welcoming Metawave, NXM Labs, Kelzel to the Portfolio Targeting the Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Market


Automobiles are Becoming Increasingly Intelligent

By 2019, one in five cars on the road will be self-aware and able to discern and share information on their mechanical health, global position, and status of their surroundings. (Gartner) The rollout of 4G LTE, and subsequently 5G networks, will further increase the capabilities of the connected vehicle, facilitating faster transmission rates and higher volumes of data. Rising Tide is providing expansion financing for promising early stage companies with the ability to become global leaders in the autonomous and connected vehicle market.

Adaptive Metamaterials for Autonomous Vehicles and 5G
Metawave is a wireless technology company that seeks to revolutionize the future of wireless communications and radar sensing. The company was founded in 2017 and its flagship beam steering technology platform was developed at PARC, a Xerox company
  • Leveraging adaptive metamaterials and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Metawave’s primary focus is to build intelligent beam-steering radar for autonomous driving. Changing the way automakers deploy radar, Metawave is building high-performance radars capable of 4D point-cloud imaging, non-line of sight object detection, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication, making cars safer, smarter, and connected.
  • In parallel, Metawave is developing smart antenna platforms for Fixed Wireless and 5G cellular networks to provide faster infrastructure and near-instant connectivity for billions of people.
  • NTT DOCOMO, Inc., in collaboration with Metawave, announced the demonstration of a 5G mobile communication system using 28GHz-band 5G, and the world’s first meta-structure reflect-array technology.
Autonomous IoT Security Solutions
NXM Labs is a Blockchain IoT security company developing technology that enables smart devices everywhere to operate and communicate with each other and their surroundings automatically and securely without human intervention.
  • NXM is collaborating with global leaders in communications, semiconductors, automotive, enterprise software, manufacturing, consumer electronics and insurance to commercialize its technology.
  • NXM’s technology can be used across the entire automotive value chain, from supply chain management to manufacturing and immutable vehicle lifecycle data tracking creating cost savings and operations optimization.
  • Sprint has joined NXM Labs to launch a 5G-Ready Connected Car Platform combining high-speed, on-demand passenger Wi-Fi with advanced vehicle health monitoring and safety. This includes the first blockchain powered Internet-of-Things(IoT) security system that guards against hackers.
Situational Awareness for the Autonomous Platform
Kelzal produces the Perception Appliance™, an artificial intelligence-driven ultra-low power or fast object and activity recognition system. The Perception Appliance™ initially targets surveillance and monitoring, across several industry vertical applications, such as building automation and security, followed by mobile robots and autonomous vehicles.
  • The Ultra-Low Power Perception Appliance™ operates for years on a battery. The Fast Perception Appliance™ acquires and tracks 100x faster and categorizes objects more than 10x faster than typical current artificial intelligence frame-based camera systems.
  • The Perception Appliance™ provides a better machine visual perception at lower power than current systems in the visual and near infrared spectrum. Better visual perception includes lower latency, more robust & reliable tracking and recognition in a much larger range of real-world conditions than current systems.
  • Kelzal is committed to detection and intelligent response, creating a level of autonomous situational awareness for the autonomous platform that can avoid collision and resume operations.
Design and Manufacture of LiDAR Sensors and Smart Sensing Solutions
Quanergy offers smart sensing solutions. It is a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and perception software for real-time capture and processing of 3D spatial data and object detection, identification, classification, and tracking. Its sensors are disruptive in price, performance, reliability, size, weight, and power. Its solutions are applicable in numerous sectors including transportation, security, industrial automation, 3D mapping, mining, agriculture, drones, robotics, smart spaces and 3D-aware smart devices for improved safety, efficiency and quality of life
  • Quanergy’s sensing system provides the perception output that enables advanced ‘Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions when the operator does not react in time to avoid impact and is key to the safe implementation of autonomous driving vehicles.
  • [if !supportLists]§  [endif]Quanergy's LiDAR provides the situational data necessary for the vehicle to drive itself. This allows drivers to be productive while the car is in autonomous mode. In shared autonomy, a vehicle can continuously pick up and drop off passengers, reducing urban congestion and the need for parking spaces.
  • [if !supportLists]§  [endif]Commercial vehicles such as fleet cars, trucks, buses or trains can use Quanergy’s sensing and perception system to provide important safety related insight into the operation of the vehicle.